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We are professional musicians, based in Prangins (at Tom Schut’s house). We can be present for an inauguration, for a concert in the region of Geneva, private evenings, …

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The Prangins Jazz Associates (formerly the Farbel Jazz Associates) have made music together for nearly the past decade. At the helm of the band is Mr Tom Schut, whose pianistry has both classical and jazz formation from the United States, CH, and his native land, the Netherlands.

Tom Schut

Tom Schut

Piano, arranger, bandleader

Tom Schut, whose pianistry has both classical and jazz formation from the United States, CH, and his native land, the Netherlands

Daphne Gayle

Daphne Gayle


Daphne Gayle is the heart of the musicality behind the Prangins Jazz Associates. a native of Maine, USA, Daphne Gayle (formerly Daphne Nichols) has performed in settings across the world as soloist, composer, accompanist and choir member, and is in her third year as lead vocalist for the PJA.

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Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt


Simon Hunt is an organist, trumpeter and teacher from the UK.  

David Cooke

David Cooke


David Cooke started playing double bass at university in Nottingham (UK) and his enthusiasm for the instrument has never waned. With an extensive collection of jazz recordings, Cooke’s main influences on bass include Ray Brown, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Charlie Haden and Christian McBride.

Calen Gayle

Calen Gayle


Calen Gayle loves jazz. And flute… And truth.. And beauty… Here’s his personal website.
Daniel Casey

Daniel Casey


Chicago-born and bred Daniel Casey (1962) has played drums since the age of 8.  First having played in Chicago rock , blues and country bands as a teenager, Casey developed a love for jazz while attending the University of Illinois in Urbana.  After leaving a labor relations career behind him, he moved to Europe in 1997 where he has lived and played music in Ireland, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  He is largely self-taught but has studied privately with Conor Guilfoyle (IR), Joost Lybaart (NL),  Jeff Stitely and Joel Spencer (USA) and attended workshops by Bill Stewart,  Ralph Irizarry, Kiko Freitas and Keith Copeland.


Just under, there’s a track that the Group Prangins Jazz recorded in the summer 2017:

Every Time we Say Goodbye – Instrumental

par Group Prangins Jazz | [LIVE] Musical Drop-In November 2017



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