Daphne grew up in a very musical family and took on piano studies, passing through such prestigious schools as the New England Conservatory, Northwestern University and Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina: As pianist, Daphne has featured with several ensembles, including symphonic orchestras, choirs and small groups throughout the United States, in France and in the Geneva area:

As self-taught vocalist, Daphne has recorded multiple albums, most notable perhaps is her own « Dyed in the Wool » EP of original compositions published 2011: she was recruited for and performed the solos in the « Salem Psalter Project, » and likewise has backed famed performers Mrs Lavelle Duggan, Vick Pitts, and has featured as soloist with the SOVA Gospel Choir, with the Jason Decristofaro trio, in addition to having coached the Gospel Sound Lausanne choir, and Mrs Gayle also teaches voice at the La Côte International School, and coaches the musical team of Hillsong Genève as pianist and music director; she is the leader of the seasonal jazz women’s trio, affectionately called the Three Queens, featuring Eve Aubert and Julia Rhyder.

Daphne Gayle is the featured vocal soloist on « the Album »- go give her a listen!